Support Policy

Our response time varies, with most tickets getting an initial response within one business day. And we generally provide support Monday-Friday. We’ll respond by the following business day if you email over a weekend or holiday.

We do not provide either live chat or phone-based support. Our Support Email is the best and fastest place to seek help.

All customers (free and paid) are welcome to contact our support team.

Questions We Love To Answer

We enjoy answering everything from Alex Reservations setup questions to whether this is a good fit for your business. For example:

  • Can you help me understand a certain feature?
  • I am experiencing difficulties installing the plugin. Could you help me sort this out?
  • I have followed your documentation but the plugin is not working as expected.
  • Can you help me with my license?
  • I require X, Y for my restaurant. Is this a good for the plugin?

Unsupported Plugin Issues

As much as we’d like to make the plugin for everyone and work in every situation, we can’t extend our support for these types of requests:

"I need to add extra funcionality"

“I would like to integrate the plugin with a third-party plugin, theme, or service.”

As much as we’d like to help set up additional services to work with Alex Reservations, our team is just not equipped to handle support for other platforms, and we don’t have control over how their software works.

This includes services like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Zapier, etc.

“Your plugin is currently doing X. Please help me modify the code to make it do Y.”

We’re happy to take feedback and add your suggestions to our to-do list, but we can’t always get around to all of our customer requests.

We don’t provide custom development, but we do offer sponsored development. If the functionality you’re looking for benefits 75% of our customer base and is already on our roadmap, please get in touch with us for more information.

“Can you write me a custom CSS snippet or modify an existing PHP snippet?”

You’re welcome to modify the plugin yourself or with the help of a developer. But our support team is not equipped to handle this level of customization.

“How do I set X up in WordPress/my site.”

We can only provide support for Alex Reservations; we cannot extend support to other plugins or services that are out of our control. For example, we cannot support Google Analytics, Twilio, Mailchimp, etc.