Mobile Booking Management

Alex Reservations mobile view interface

Versatile Views for Every Management Need

By offering varied views, the mobile app ensures that restaurant managers can handle reservations and table management in the most efficient and organized manner, tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Essential information

List View

The list view provides a detailed, itemized display of all reservations. Each entry includes essential information such as the reservation time, number of guests, customer name, and any special notes or tags. This view is ideal for quickly scanning through reservations, making adjustments, and ensuring all bookings are accounted for.
Alex Restaurant Reservations Mobile Interface List View

Status in real-time

Floorplan view

The floorplan view offers a visual representation of the restaurant’s layout, showing the status of each table in real-time. Tables are marked with their occupancy status (e.g., reserved, available, occupied), allowing managers to quickly assess the overall seating arrangement. This view is perfect for coordinating seating, managing walk-ins, and optimizing table utilization.
Alex Restaurant Reservations Mobile Interface Floorplan View

Chronological format

Timeline view

The timeline view organizes reservations in a chronological format, providing a visual schedule of all bookings throughout the day. This view helps managers identify peak times, plan for staff allocation, and ensure a smooth flow of guests. It is particularly useful for anticipating busy periods and managing turnaround times between reservations.
Alex Restaurant Reservations Mobile Interface Timeline Horizontal View

Bookings per table

Vertical timeline

Reservations are displayed in a vertical, time-based sequence, allowing managers to quickly see the flow of bookings from opening to closing time. Each reservation is represented as a block on the timeline, making it easy to visualize occupancy and availability.
Alex Restaurant Reservations Mobile Interface Timeline Vertical View

Daily charts

Occupancy & blocking

Easily view your daily occupancy by the hour with a sleek bar chart, and quickly block specific time slots on the fly. Additionally, you can block tables for specific time ranges to optimize your seating management.
Alex Restaurant Reservations Mobile Interface Occupancy View