Requesting Guest Reconfirmation

There are times when you need to ensure that a guest will indeed attend your restaurant, especially when accepting reservations well in advance. To achieve this, you can prompt the user to reconfirm their booking through email reminders.

Here's how to enable and utilize the reconfirmation feature:

1..Navigate to Shift/Event Settings: Access the Shift/Event settings and enable the reconfirmation option.

2..Configure Email Reminders: Within the email reminders, include a message asking the user to reconfirm their bookings. When the user clicks the booking link, they will be directed to a custom page featuring a 'RECONFIRM' call to action button. Note that this button only appears if the booking has already been confirmed; it will not be displayed for bookings in pending mode.

3..Reconfirmation Process: Once the user reconfirms their booking, an email confirmation will be sent to them, as well as a notification to the restaurant.

4..Customize Emails: You have the flexibility to customize the content of these emails through the email settings.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your restaurant reservations remain confirmed and that your guests are prepared to attend.