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User-Friendly Interface for Managing All Your Reservations

Alex restaurant reservations plugin full screen floor plan

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Manage your bookings

From a list view, monthly view or weekly view, you will find several ways to view and edit your reservations and filter them by tags.
Alex Restaurant Reservations Monthly View

Bookings list

Create new bookings and receive online booking on the fly.
Send custom notifications, modify the status or assign custom tags.
Alex Restaurant Reservations List View Bookings

Friendly widget

Multi language. Create multiple widgets for shifts and event. Customize them with colors and custom fields.
Alex Restaurant Reservations Front View Widget Shortcode

Floor plan

With a powerful drag and drop floor plan builder, you can create several areas for each restaurant.
Alex Restaurant Reservations Floor Plan View with Tables

Shifts & Events

Create daily shift schedules for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
And manage special events like Theme nights, Live Music, Mother's Day or Christmas Day.
Alex Restaurant Reservations Shift Schedule Editor View

Customers CRM

Manage your customers and filter them by tags and number of visits. Know their billing habits and target them according to their culinary preferences.
Alex Restaurant Reservations Customers View CRM


Easily handle bookings with the timeline view.
Alex Restaurant Reservations View Timeline Bookings


Ask your customers for their feedback after their experience.
Access all reviews and reports from the dashboard.
Alex Restaurant Reservations View Submit Review Feedback Booking


Measure the reservations of each month and know the habits of your clients with easy graphics.
Alex Restaurant Reservations Metrics view


We've rolled out a new reservation method using 360-degree panoramas of your restaurant.
Now, your customers can virtually navigate your dining space and choose an available table.

Mobile friendly

Allow your customers to book in the traditional manner by choosing a date and time, or give them the option to select their area and table from your floor plan view.

Alex Reservations is the best

Alex Reservation is an absolutely fantastic and complete reservation management plugin: intuitive, easy to set up and use. The responsiveness is excellent and can also be used perfectly on a smartphone. Alejandro is also a very knowledgeable, helpful person who assists you in resolving problems that may sometimes arise. It’s a shame we can only give 5 stars: he deserves more.

Atención y soporte de 10. Brutal

Sin duda, este plugin está pensado para facilitar la vida a quienes gestionan reservas de restaurantes y eventos. Tiene muchísimas opciones y las visualizaciones son estupendas. Mis felicitaciones a su creador y, en especial, destaco la atención al cliente. Brutal. Enhorabuena!

The Best restaurant system!

One of the best restaurants systems on the market. potentialy to be the best one by its services and options that it have! for the free version you get like tons of options and on pro oh its gets even better! And the support well… its AMAZING! Great job!
Illias Sakr

Great Plugin, and great support

This plugin have a great functionality that useful for either small and bigger restaurant.

I’ll definitely recommend this plugin to fellow web dev.

Alejandro also provide great support by being very responsive to any questions I’ve sent.

The plan to keep developing the plugin will surely made this plugin as one of the best restaurant reservation in the world.
Sam (Indonesia)
Merlin's Magic

Best bookings plugin for restaurants by far!

This is an excellent tool for managing restaurant reservations.
Full of features and perfect for managing multiple sites.

We’re implementing this tool for a five location restaurant with a team of managers (floor/duty) on each location, and they love the access management levels and floorplan booking management.

The interface is very clear and keeps WP dashboard hidden so the team can focus on managing reservations without the need to navigate through WP.

Well done to the dev team that has been keen on helping get everything up and running. Definitely recommended!
David Iborra
Digital Craft

Me encanta

El mejor plugin calidad precio de todo el mercado, sin duda.Muy amables los creadores. Gracias.

Great plugin and even better support.

By far the best plugin for restaurant reservations. All words of praise for the support, which was always timely and accommodating. Kudos once again and keep up the quality work.
Nikola Momcilovic

Amazing Customer Support

We had been looking so long for a plug in that fitted our needs and Alejandro helped us every step of the way to be able to manage the tables of our business. The software is great and the customer support is amazing. We have never found developers as involved as Alejandro is. We hope we had found this software earlier.

Best plugin on the market

The support is always available and happy to help.
Functionalities are amazing for the price.
The interface is user-friendly and even noob can use these tools.
Thanks for the great work !

Potentially the best restaurant plugin

I tested this plugin and decided to download the trial pro version.

I have tried different restaurant plugins before this as I managed several restaurant websites.

This plugin could potentially become the best WordPress plugin for restaurant reservations very soon.

Alex has been very prompt in replying and listening to my feedback. He is super helpful in coming up with solutions to address my requirements and continuously improving the plugin. Since I tested the plugin last week, he has released 3 versions with an additional feature.

With this kind of positive attitude, this will become the most brilliant restaurant reservation plugin. Keep up the good work Alex!

Great plugin and great support

By a mile this is likely to become the best restaurant plugin, developer listens to new ideas and suggestions. We have a slightly more complex requirement than most and this solution handles it.

Great plugin, fantastic support

This is a fantastic plugin. We bought the Pro version as it offered so much funcitonality. Support has been very responsive with a small bug we reported and has been happy to listen to constructive ideas for future development.
Jamie Pond

Website Full Integration

From the reservation form to the dashboard for managing bookings, everything is seamlessly embedded into your website.

Own Your Data

You have complete control over how it is collected, stored, and used. You are not at the mercy of third-party platform policies or changes.

Branded Notifications

Unlike third-party platforms that use generic email addresses, our software sends notifications directly from your restaurant's email address.

Multi Restaurant

With a central dashboard for adding and editing restaurants. Add a custom dashboard for accessing reservations for every restaurant.

User Roles

Granular access to each dashboard. Control who can create reservations, manage customer tags and design the floor plan with the tables.

Multiple Users

A single user can manage from one to multiple restaurants, and can have different roles/permissions on each one of them.

List view

Manage the daily list of reservations and create/update them from the same list. Filter them by customer, tags or status.

Monthly view

General view of monthly reservations. Add or update reservations directly in the view.

Weekly view

Jump from the monthly view to the weekly view. Show a list of daily reservations per column/day.

Floor plan

Assign customers to tables, create new bookings, view next reservations and manage wait lists. All from a floor plan view.

Tables editor

Create different areas and assign multiple types of tables. Define minimum and maximum seats per table and combine them for large groups.

Bookings & Customer Tags

Tag customers to know their wine preferences, identify VIP customers or know their food allergies.

Shifts / Events

Define recurring shifts with number of covers available and pacing slots. Create custom events for special days.

Email Templates

Different email templates for different reservation statuses: booked, confirmed, cancelled, etc.

Confirm by Email

Easily confirm reservations directly from your email, no need to access the dashboard.


Enable easy cancellation to prevent no-shows and enhance customer convenience.


Incorporate pre-payments into your reservation form to deter no-shows and ensure a more reliable booking experience. (Stripe, Paypal, Square, Mollie, Mercadopago, Redsys)


Obtain booking reports to identify customer preferences and trends over time.


Deliver personalized messages to your customers to notify them when their booking is confirmed.


Keep your customers informed and ensure they don't forget their reservations by sending email and SMS reminders.


The plugin has been translated into 22 languages for your convenience. >>


Get an overview of what we are currently working on. >>


You can review our latest updates by clicking here. >>

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