Restaurant reservations made easy for WordPress

Start taking table reservations via your WordPress website within minutes with this plugin!

Have full control of customer booking details, from the size of the party to how long the table will be occupied.

Dashboard in Full Screen Mode. Floor Plan View.
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Single restaurant

Start increasing your revenue with our solution for receiving online bookings and flexible table management. All in one dashboard.
Manage a simple CRM for customers and tag them based on their culinary preferences.

Multiple locations

Manage all your bookings from a main dashboard and create new restaurants on the fly.
Add different managers and give them access to their specific bookings only.
Create different rooms for each restaurant and manage reservations from the floor plan.

Manage your bookings

From a list view, monthly view or weekly view, you will find several ways to view and edit your reservations and filter them by tags.

Bookings list

Create new bookings and receive online booking on the fly.
Send custom notificaciones, modify the status or assign custom tags.

Friendly widget

Multi language. Create multiple widgets for shifts and event. Customize them with colors and custom fields.

Floor plan

With a powerful drag and drop floor plan builder, you can create several areas for each restaurant.

Shifts & Events

Create daily shift schedules for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
And manage special events like Theme nights, Live Music, Mother's Day or Christmas Day.

Customers CRM

Manage your customers and filter them by tags and number of visits. Know their billing habits and target them according to their culinary preferences.


Easily handle bookings with the timeline view.


Ask your customers for their feedback after their experience.
Access all reviews and reports from the dashboard.


Multi Restaurant

With a central dashboard for adding and editing restaurants. Add a custom dashboard for accessing reservations for every restaurant.

User Roles

Granular access to each dashboard. Control who can create reservations, manage customer tags and design the floor plan with the tables.

Multiple Users

A single user can manage from one to multiple restaurants, and can have different roles/permissions on each one of them.

List view

Manage the daily list of reservations and create/update them from the same list. Filter them by customer, tags or status.

Monthly view

General view of monthly reservations. Add or update reservations directly in the view.

Weekly view

Jump from the monthly view to the weekly view. Show a list of daily reservations per column/day.

Floor plan

Assign customers to tables, create new bookings, view next reservations and manage wait lists. All from a floor plan view.

Tables editor

Create different areas and assign multiple types of tables. Define minimum and maximum seats per table and combine them for large groups.

Bookings & Customer Tags

Create tags for managing bookings and use them for filtering. Tag customers to know their wine preferences, identify VIP customers or know their food alergies.

Shifts / Events

Define recurring shifts with number of covers available and pacing slots. Create custom events for special days.

Email Templates

Different email templates for different reservation statuses: booked, confirmed, cancelled, etc.


Get detailed reports monthly or daily.

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