Settings - Tags for bookings

Go to Settings -> Bookings -> Tags.

These tags are useful for tagging bookings and filter them by 'Vip', 'Allergens', etc.

You can use them at the front-end widget so customers can select their own preferences when requesting a new booking.

You can add your own groups and tags, then use it from the bookings list on the left sidebar.

You can select one group as the 'VIP group'. This is useful to identify clearly in the list of bookings which ones are considered VIP.

Inside the type column the system will display a small triangle on the top-left corner for those bookings only.

The Type column adds a small triangle on those bookings considered VIP.

Private tags

A new feature allows you to mark each group as Private.

Tags from such a private group, when applied to a reservation, will not be included in email notifications sent to the customer.

Utilize this feature to flag specific details about a reservation that you wish to note internally without communicating them to the customer.