Select Area / Table

You have the option to let customers choose their preferred area and table.

There are two scenarios where you can enable area or table selection:

1/ In 'Total covers' mode, customers can select only the area, and you can assign a different maximum number of covers for each area.

2/ In 'Tables' or 'Specific Tables' modes, you can allow customers to select both the area and the table.

Please note that the selection of the area or table is not restrictive, and customers will still be able to proceed to the final step of entering their details.

The selection is simply a way for customers to inform you about their preferences.

In 'Tables' or 'Specific tables' modes, customers can select an area, but they will only see tables that are available and can accommodate the number of guests needed. If no tables are available, the reservation can still proceed, and you can manually manage the seating arrangements to accommodate the guests.

In this mode, you have two options available: the user can either select only the area or both the area and the table.

In 'Total covers' mode, you should specify the maximum number of seats allowed for each area. When areas are presented to the customer, they will also see the number of available seats for each area. If there are not enough seats in an area, the customer won't be able to select it, but they can still proceed to the final step. This allows you to receive the reservations and decide later where to allocate the guests.

When areas/tables are available, a second step will appear after the guest has selected the number of seats needed and the date.

In the first place, the user can select the area, and then the table from the floor plan.

The user can choose a free table, and their selection will be added to their reservation.

To add custom images to your areas, access the floorplan editor.

Once the user has added their selected Area/Table, you can view them in the 'Table Selected' column in the list view.

In the 'Tables/Specific Tables' modes, if a table is still available when a user completes the reservation form, it will be automatically assigned to them. However, in rare cases, two guests might simultaneously select the same table. In such situations, only the first guest to finish the form will be assigned to the table, and you will need to accommodate the other guest to an alternative table later.

Additionally, you can view the details within the 'Tables' tab from the booking editor.