If a user skips the payment process, they will receive an email reminder to complete the reservation after a few minutes.

This email is managed by the WP cron system, which checks pending payment reservations every 15 minutes and sends the corresponding email.

You can customize the content of this email from the settings > email > Booking Pending Payment (Guest) section.

Additionally, there are new tags available to embed within the confirmation email after the payment has been made.

To accommodate both reservations with and without payments, use these tags:

[payment] ..content.. [/payment]

The content within these tags will be included in the email only if a payment has been made for that particular reservation.

On the booking page, customers will find a button to proceed with the payment and complete their reservation.

If users fail to complete the payment for bookings with the status "Pending Payment" within 2 hours, they will be automatically removed from the system.