Shareable tables

Shareable tables, often referred to as communal tables, are large dining tables in restaurants or eateries where multiple parties, typically individuals who are not acquainted with one another, can sit together. This concept encourages a communal dining experience, allowing diners to share the space with others.

You can enable shareable tables via the floor plan editor. Simply edit a table to bring up the popup and select the 'Shareable' option. Once activated, the table will turn light cyan, and all seats will be clearly displayed.

Please note that shareable tables are always set to offline mode and cannot be reserved online. This design is intentional, as these tables are intended for manual assignment only. You can manually allocate bookings to these tables, assigning seats individually.

You can assign seats at these tables from the floor plan in two ways:

1- Click the plus button next to the reservation row to enter edit mode. You can then select individual seats at the tables. Seats available are marked in green, while those already occupied are shown in red.

2- Alternatively, you can drag and drop the row from the table box to add or remove seats just as you would with entire tables.

When you use the timeline slider at the top to check the status of the tables at a specific time, the color coding will indicate the occupancy status of each seat. If there is a duplication issue with any seat, a warning triangle will appear, similar to the notification used for tables.

In the list view of bookings, you will also be able to see which seats have been occupied at each table.

In both the monthly and weekly views, you can also see which seats have been assigned to each booking.