Store Credit Cards

Securely Store Credit Card Details

Once you've set up Stripe, you can either process payments during reservations or simply store the credit card information for future use. If customers don't show up, you now have the ability to charge them manually later. Make sure your shift or event settings are all set to handle credit card transactions.

Setting Up Card Storage

Streamlined Reservation Process

On the front end, your customers will be greeted with a popup window to input their payment information. In your backend, you'll see a cyan-colored tag indicating successful storage of card details. In cases where the reservation isn't finalized, a red tag appears. You can then manually send them a reminder email with a link to complete their reservation.

Reservation Process

Charge Customers at Your Convenience

Charging customers using the stored card details is a breeze. Simply pop open the relevant interface and hit the 'charge' button. A successful transaction will turn the tag green.

Processing Payments

Note: For now, this feature is exclusive to Stripe users.