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Unlimited Bookings
Unlimited Customers
Front-end Widget
Bookings List View
Bookings Monthly View
Bookings Weekly View
Add New Booking
Edit Bookings
Bookings Tags
Customers Tags
Manage Shifts
Bookings Filters
Customers Filters
Custom Messages
Custom Templates
Customize Widget
Closed Days
Floor Plan Builder
Manage Events
Login Page
Email Custom Layout
User Feedback
Cancel Booking
Modify Booking
Unlimited Shifts
Unlimited Events
Bookings Export CSV
Bookings Print PDF
Customers Export CSV
Customers Print PDF
Merge Customers
SMTP Configuration
Reply Messages
Custom Translations
Customize Login Page
Sort Columns in Bookings List
Sort Columns in Customers List
Customize Booking Editor
Customize Customer Editor
User Roles
Tables Management
Shared Tables
Timeline Horizontal View
Timeline Vertical View
Payments to Reserve
Email Reminders
SMS Notifications
SMS Reminders
Select Areas & Tables
360 Panoramas
Dark Mode
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Open Table
$1056-$5388 a year * ,
$1596-$10788 a year ,
$1188-$3588 a year ,
$2388-$8388 a year ,
Eat App
$828-$2868 a year ,
$1800-$6000 a year ,
$1800-$3600 a year ,
The Fork
$348-$1188 a year * ,
$1375.5-$5226 a year,
(*additional cover fee)
Annual cost is calculated based on the monthly cost advertised