Print floor plan view

Many restaurants prefer to print the floor plan with the customers of the shift they are managing, whether it is lunch or dinner, and provide it to the person in charge of receiving customers at the front door. This allows them to quickly check for available tables for walk-in customers and easily show those who have reserved online where their assigned table is.

As you already know, the floor plan gives you a real-time view of the status of the tables: confirmed, seated, etc. With this new feature, you can see all customers from a specific shift with their names on the tables. This feature does not represent any status; it is only for viewing all occupied tables during a specific shift.

From the top right of the view, you can access a new menu that shows all shifts available for the selected date. Once selected, it will display the new view. You can manually change the size of the texts on the fly by selecting and editing them. Pressing the download icon will generate a high-resolution image of the view and export it as a PNG file.

Floor Plan