Lock reservation tables

Blocking tables for a booking can be important for several reasons, ensuring both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction within a restaurant. Here are some key reasons why:

Customer Preferences: Regular customers or those celebrating a special occasion may request a specific table due to its location, view, or ambiance. Blocking the table honors their preference, enhancing their dining experience and loyalty.

Special Arrangements: Certain tables might be better suited for large groups, customers with disabilities, or those requiring high chairs. Blocking these tables in advance ensures that accommodations are ready and suitable for guests' needs.

Strategic Seating: For events or nights with entertainment, blocking tables allows for strategic seating that maximizes viewing pleasure for all guests while maintaining a comfortable flow throughout the dining area.

Privacy and Exclusivity: Some diners may request or require a level of privacy or exclusivity, such as business meetings or intimate celebrations. Blocking off certain tables or sections of the restaurant can accommodate these needs effectively.

To ensure a table booking remains unchanged and visible to other staff members, navigate to the booking editor and select the tables tab.

Simply click on the lock icon to secure the tables. They will remain locked and unchangeable until you decide to unlock them.