Add booking

To create a new booking, click on the blue button located in the top-right corner of the screen.

Input the date, number of guests, preferred time, and duration.

If you are already aware of the desired table configuration, proceed to select them.

Assign tags to the reservation.

You may choose an existing customer or create a new one on the spot.

Select tables

The available tables that can be assigned to your reservation will be displayed by the system, taking into account the selected date, shift, slot, and duration.

For instance, if you choose the 5:00 PM slot in this case, the system will prevent you from selecting three tables as they have already been assigned to another reservation.

Choosing the 7:00 slot will result in a clash with two existing reservations, causing six tables to be unavailable for the new booking.

Opting for the 8:30 time slot will not cause any conflicts with existing bookings, and all tables will be available for your reservation.