Settings - Shifts

Go to Settings -> Availability -> Shifts.

Use shifts to offer different recurring hours for:

  • Daily Breakfast
  • Daily Lunch
  • Daily Dinner
  • Weekend Breakfast
  • Weekend Lunch
  • Weekend Dinner

Or especial recurring events like:

  • Live music dinner every Friday night
  • Wine tasting once a month
  • Beer tasting every 2 weeks, etc.

Select start date, end date, excluded dates, first seating and last seating. You can define the period between slots: every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc. You can also block specific time slots.

You should define how the seats will be assigned to the booking request:

All tables: all the online available tables can be used for assigning customers. Tables will be assigned automatically after the booking is received, for both statuses, pending and confirmed. You can re-assign them from the dashboard. If there are no free tables then the booking will be rejected.

Specific tables: the same as before but this time which tables will be used. Be aware that if the table that you have selected is checked as offline will not be available for the shift until you put it online again.

Max covers: you just define a total number of seats available at any moment during the hours the shift is open. With every booking request the system will check how many seats are available for the selected slot and duration.

Covers per slot: you can define here exactly the seats available for every slot.

Define if the request booking should be set as Pending or Confirmed. The customer will receive the corresponding email based on this status. For Pending bookings you can later confirm them from the dashboard and send them a new email.

The user will receive a link inside the email for accessing his booking online and cancel it if needed.

There are 2 important settings to define:

From when the shift will be OPEN to start receiving bookings:

  • Open all the time,
  • Open only some hours before. For example if you want to open the lunch from 1 day before only, but not beyond that.
  • Open the same day at some specific hour. You can accept bookings for dinner only from the same day at 10 in the morning.
  • Open some days before at some specific hour. For example you want to start accepting bookings for dinner only from 2 days before at 1pm.

When the shift will STOP and cannot accept more bookings:

  • Keep it open until the last minute.
  • Close some hours before.
  • Close the same day at some specific time.
  • Close several days before. Useful if you want to close bookings 2 days before a Wine tasting event.

Allow cancellations and modifications

Within each shift, you have the flexibility to define whether users can cancel their booking or make modifications.