Custom fields

To enhance the reservation form and capture additional data, you have the flexibility to create custom fields that suit your specific needs. Here are some options for custom fields that you can consider implementing:

Text field: This field allows customers to enter short text responses. It's useful for capturing information such as special requests, dietary restrictions, or specific preferences.

Textarea field: A larger text field where customers can provide more detailed information or comments. This can be helpful for gathering additional instructions or feedback.

Checkbox field: With a checkbox field, customers can select or deselect a single option. This works well for capturing binary choices like opting for a particular seating area or indicating specific dietary preferences.

Select field: This field presents customers with a dropdown menu containing multiple options, but they can only choose one. It's ideal for situations where you want customers to select a single choice, such as seating preferences.

Options field: An options field offers a list of checkboxes, allowing customers to select multiple options. This type of field is suitable when you want to capture multiple choices simultaneously, such as dietary restrictions (e.g., vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.) or add-on services.

The custom field can be set to be visible only for designated services. For instance, consider a situation where you have three dining areas and you want all of them to be open for lunch but only one for dinner. In this case, you could create a custom field that allows area selection at lunchtime but not during dinner hours.

Utilize the small arrows on the left to adjust the position of each field within the form.