Bookings list view

From this view you can:

  • Create new bookings
  • Edit current bookings
  • Filter bookings by status
  • Filter bookings by tags
  • Search by name
  • Export a CSV list
  • Print the list to PDF

Top bar

From the top bar you can:

  • Select another date
  • Change to 'Today' bookings
  • Filter by Shifts and Events
  • Disable online bookings for a Shift or Event
  • Access to the monthly view
  • Receive notifications

Change status

When changing the status of a booking will ask you if you want to send a notification.

Use the reply button from the booking to send a custom notification or a default status notification to the customer.


If you click the row of one booking you can:

  • Change the data of the booking
  • Assign the tables
  • Add private notes
  • Attach tags
  • Enter the billing
  • View a list of notifications sent

Booking finished

Changing the status of a booking to 'Finished' will ask you for the billing and if you want to ask a review to the customer. Entering the billing amount is useful to know better the customer and have some metrics about how much has spent during last month or last year. With those metrics you can attach specific tags to the customer like VIP or VIP$$$.

You can decide if you want to ask the client for a review or not. This will send a notification to the customer and will send him a link to upload a review.


Columns can be hidden and sorted by clicking the columns icon:


You can also hide specific fields from the editor:

Block specific slots

To block off specific time slots for a date, click on the button with the clock icon:

This will show the available time slots for each service associated with the selected date.