Many restaurants handle a significant number of walk-in guests. Our floor plan tool provides a seamless way to manage these customers, quickly assigning them to available tables.

Simply click on a table within the floor plan, and a popup will display the reservations linked to that table. Additionally, in the sidebar, only reservations specific to the chosen table will appear.

Hover over any time slot and click to initiate a new booking.

The booking form displays only the essential fields for a walk-in reservation. There's no need to input customer emails or names; a temporary email, based on the current date, will be auto-generated. Just adjust the number of guests and hit 'create'.

In the timeline view, either click a table or select any table/time on the canvas to establish a new reservation.

An alternative column-based timeline view is available as well.

Similarly, with this column-based timeline, you can either click on a specific table or select any grid cell to create a booking.

To adjust the start and end times displayed in the timeline views, visit the restaurant settings.

Check out this brief demo video for a quick overview.