The best WP plugins for restaurant reservations in 2023

Published on Apr 25, 2023

Are you looking for a way to manage your restaurant reservations using a plugin on your WordPress site?

At its core, a WordPress reservations plugin provides a straightforward reservation system for managing table bookings. Yet, many of these plugins offer additional features such as automated confirmation and reminder emails, as well as enabling customers to directly reserve tables via your website.

Why is a WordPress Plugin Essential for Managing Restaurant Reservations?

Before we jump into our list of the top WordPress restaurant booking plugins, let’s briefly touch upon the significance of incorporating such a plugin on your website.

By installing a WordPress restaurant reservation plugin, your customers can easily book a table at your restaurant online in just a few clicks, making your website more user-friendly and accessible.

Moreover, integrating a reliable restaurant reservation system in WordPress streamlines the process of managing reservations, reducing call volumes and freeing up time for restaurant owners and staff to focus on core business operations.

We have curated a list of top-notch WordPress plugins for restaurant reservations, all of which offer full functionality in their free versions. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best WordPress Restaurant Reservation Plugins

Oracle Gloria Food

Oracle Gloria Food Restaurant Menu Plugin

With the Oracle GloriaFood plugin, showcasing your restaurant’s menu and taking online orders is a breeze. Simply create an account, upload the menu, and publish the widget on your website.

GloriaFood allows for automated online orders without limiting the maximum number of orders a restaurant can receive. Additionally, it facilitates the acceptance and management of table reservations directly from your website.

Restaurant owners can also use the plugin to promote daily menus or offer discounts on specific dishes. The GloriaFood plugin is responsive, featuring a mobile menu that ensures customers can easily place an order.

The plugin is free and simple to configure, enabling the customization of order and table reservation buttons in just a few moments. Best of all, even if you receive thousands of orders and table booking requests every day, there are no commission fees to pay.


Bookly WordPress Plugin

While Bookly isn’t a dedicated booking system for restaurants, it is a versatile plugin suitable for various applications, including restaurant reservations.

With Bookly, your customers can easily book a table online from any device and receive a confirmation via email and SMS. Additionally, they can opt for an SMS reminder for their upcoming reservation.

The free version of Bookly offers the following essential features:

  • Customizable reservation form
  • Unlimited reservation forms can be added to your website
  • User-friendly admin interface
  • Calendar view options: monthly, weekly, or daily
  • Customer list management
  • Filter, sort, and search reservation lists
  • Variable booking slot durations
  • Customizable email and SMS notifications
  • WPML integration for multi-language support.

Bookly Pro, which costs $89 for an annual license, offers the following additional features:

  • Advanced customization options for booking forms
  • Social media login integration
  • Unlimited staff member profiles with individual schedules, perfect for managing personnel
  • Capability to accept payments through your website
  • Additional email notification templates, including reminders, follow-up messages, and birthday greetings
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • Import and export customer lists, including details of bookings and payments
  • Built-in analytics for tracking bookings, customers, and payments
  • A range of paid add-ons for further customization options
  • Future updates and six months of support included.

Bookly’s versatility has made it a widely popular choice, with over 60,000 active downloads and an average rating of 4.5/5.0 stars from users. This popularity is owed to the plugin’s ability to be utilized across numerous applications.


WP Cafe restaurant solution plugin

For those seeking a comprehensive solution to enhance their restaurant website with features such as food ordering, reservations, and pickup, WPCafe offers an all-in-one solution. This multifunctional restaurant plugin boasts a stunning design and offers ample customization options.

What’s more, the plugin is user-friendly, thanks to its Elementor widgets and Gutenberg block, making it easy to customize your restaurant site to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Overall, WPCafe is an ideal WordPress plugin to manage all your restaurant needs.

The free version of this plugin offers the following reservation features:

  • Customizable reservation form
  • Single and multi-slot schedule booking
  • Seat capacity management
  • RTL support for form and calendar
  • Early and late bookings
  • Customizable email confirmations
  • Frontend booking creation and cancellation by customers
  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • Built-in online menus
  • Integrated online pickup and delivery system.

WPCafe also offers a Pro version, starting from $29 per year or $129 for a lifetime subscription, which includes the following advanced features:

  • Reservation list display in the admin dashboard
  • Automatic date and time restrictions for reservations
  • Ability to embed booking forms on pages, posts, and widgets
  • Option to display and print reservation details
  • Widget for restaurant opening and closing scheduling
  • Day-wise schedule for single or multiple slots
  • Booking for special days
  • Greater functionality for menus and takeaway/delivery system
  • Dedicated support and updates

WPCafe provides an excellent opportunity to automate your restaurant business for free or at a minimal cost. The plugin has earned high praise from users, receiving a 4.5/5.0 star rating and boasting over 7,000 active installations, making it a strong contender for your restaurant website needs.

Quick Restaurant Reservations

Quick Restaurant Reservations WordPress Plugin

Quick Restaurant Reservations simplifies restaurant booking management. It allows for easy confirmation or rejection of reservations and provides notifications to customers. Furthermore, the plugin enables the management of multiple schedules, dates, and time intervals.

The free version of the plugin offers these features:

  • Unlimited bookings
  • Bookings per restaurant
  • Pending, Confirm, Reject, Cancel status.
  • Notify customers about their booking status via email.
  • Manual confirmation.
  • Define min / max party
  • Early / Late bookings
  • Date format
  • Custom message after form submitted
  • Custom redirect after form submitted
  • Unlimited schedules
  • Schedule status open / close
  • Define week days and time interval for each schedule
  • Customize email notifications (admin, pending, confirmed, rejected, update)
  • Clients list
  • Form fields: date, party, time, name, email, phone, message

The plugin provides two add-ons that offer additional features:

  • Unlimited restaurants
  • Each restaurant has its own page and booking form
  • Automatic confirmations
  • Set max capacity based on number of seats
  • Set max capacity based on tables
  • Limit automatic confirmation to max party
  • Limit automatic confirmation until X seats reached
  • Customize logo of email notifications
  • Monthly calendar view
  • Daily calendar view
  • Unlimited form custom fields
  • Export to CSV

With an impressive user rating of 5.0/5.0 and over 1000 active installations, the plugin is highly regarded.

Five Star Restaurant Reservations

Five Star Restaurant Reservations Plugin

Five Star Restaurant Reservation lives up to its name by simplifying the online reservation and table booking process. This WordPress plugin is free and offers advanced customization options to create tailored reservation forms while allowing you to effortlessly manage every booking.

Additionally, you can conveniently place your reservation form anywhere on your website through the Gutenberg restaurant block or shortcode. Alternatively, you can directly set up the reservation page from the settings. The plugin also offers premium add-ons for those interested in more advanced features.

The free version of the plugin offers several convenient features, including:

  • Design a personalized and mobile-responsive reservation form that functions on all device types
  • Easily add the reservation form to any webpage using Gutenberg blocks and shortcodes
  • Quickly approve or decline booking requests while automatically notifying the customer via email
  • Receive an email notification when a booking request is submitted
  • Modify bookings directly from the admin panel
  • Set up specific dates and times when reservations can be made, with exceptions for holidays or special events
  • Customize all notifications
  • Block undesirable customers, such as those who are abusive or frequently don’t show up
  • Set minimum and maximum party sizes
  • Request a phone number to secure a booking

Upgrading to the Premium version will offer additional features to further automate and streamline the booking process:

  • More layout and styling options for enhanced customization
  • Custom fields for dietary requirements, special seating requests, etc.
  • Greater email customization options, including adding your own logo and brand colors
  • MailChimp integration
  • Direct export of bookings to PDF, Excel, or CSV
  • Configurable dining block length and maximum number of reservations
  • View bookings page that displays upcoming reservations on the front-end and allows guest check-in as they arrive
  • Automatic reservation confirmation

Five Star Restaurant Reservations is a highly popular plugin with more than 1,000 active installations from the WordPress plugin directory and an impressive user rating of 4.7/5.0 stars.

ReDi Restaurant Reservations

ReDi Restaurant Reservation wordpress plugin

ReDi Restaurant Reservation is a comprehensive online reservation plugin that simplifies the management of your restaurant business. Additionally, if you possess CSS skills, the plugin permits you to create a personalized restaurant reservation form.

By installing this plugin on your website, your customers can check seat availability at specific times and receive instant confirmation upon reservation. Furthermore, upon accepting their request, you can send a copy of the booking confirmation to the customer via email.

The free version of ReDi includes an impressive range of features:

  • Fully automated reservations
  • Form with custom fields
  • Responsiveness across all device types
  • Instant automatic customer notifications
  • Control the maximum number of seats based on the weekday
  • Admin notifications of new reservations
  • Establish a specified timeframe from which bookings can no longer be accepted
  • Unlimited reservations
  • Fully customizable and multilingual email templates
  • A daily email summarizing reservations for the day
  • Awaiting list system

By upgrading to the ‘Basic’ package (19 EUR + VAT), you can access the following additional features:

  • Multiple daily opening hours
  • Facebook integration
  • White labeling
  • Analytics and statistics
  • Customizable email templates for all supported languages
  • Booking confirmation emails sent directly from WordPress
  • Customer feedback requests
  • Export of reservations to CSV
  • Control of access for specific roles

ReDi scores 4.6/5.0 with more than 1000 active installations.

Vik Restaurants

Vik Restaurants Reservation Plugin

Vik Restaurants offers the capability to accept table bookings as well as orders for takeaway food, making it an ideal plugin for restaurants with a combined seated and takeaway/delivery business.

The plugin provides a host of impressive features free of charge, including:

  • Online reservation and management of tables and function rooms
  • Manual and offline reservation capability through the backend
  • Real-time visual overviews of table reservations through maps
  • Takeaway/delivery order management options, such as menus, delivery address restrictions, and invite generation
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Various widgets
  • Opening hour management, including holidays or special events
  • Discount coupon offerings
  • Email notifications for bookings and order purchases
  • Multilanguage support

Upgrading to the Pro version, at a one-time payment of $99, unlocks even greater flexibility and functionality, such as:

  • Full backend management of bookings and orders
  • Enhanced customization options through widgets and custom form fields
  • Live map creation of tables and rooms
  • Customer and delivery location management
  • Private frontend area for restaurant operators
  • Over sixty custom payment gateways
  • SMS notifications
  • Unlimited interactive menus, products, toppings, and available delivery areas (all limited in the free version)
  • Automated offers and discounts
  • Stock management to avoid accepting orders for unavailable products
  • SVG tables builder
  • Customer reviews
  • Custom codes to flag reservations and orders (e.g., in preparation, delivered, paid)

Alex Reservations

Alex Restaurant Reservations WordPress plugin

Alex Reservations is a recently launched plugin that simplifies the management of daily reservations and allows for the management of tables.

  • Bookings List View: Simplify daily reservation management by creating/updating reservations from a single list. Filter reservations by customer, tags, or status.
  • Monthly View: Overview of monthly reservations. Add or update reservations directly in this view.
  • Weekly View: Quickly switch from monthly to weekly view. Display daily reservations in columns by day.
  • Customers List View: Easy CRM solution for customer management. Filter customers by tags, last reservation, or number of reservations.
  • Custom Tags: Create custom tags for managing bookings and use them for filtering. Tag customers to know their wine preferences, identify VIP customers, or be aware of their food allergies.
  • Manage Shifts: Create multiple shifts for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Email Templates: Customize notifications to customers.
  • Custom Widget: Front-end widget available in multiple languages. Mobile-friendly with customizable colors and input fields for customer requirements.

The Plus edition of Alex Reservations for restaurant bookings offers the following additional features:

  • Multiple Restaurants: Manage multiple restaurants from a central dashboard for adding and editing restaurants. Each restaurant can have a custom dashboard for accessing reservations.
  • User Roles: Control access to each dashboard with granular permissions, including who can create reservations, manage customer tags, and design the floor plan with tables.
  • Multiple Users: A single user can manage one or multiple restaurants with different roles and permissions for each.
  • Floor Plan View: Assign customers to tables, create new bookings, view upcoming reservations, and manage waitlists, all from a floor plan view.
  • Timeline View: Provides a global perspective of all reservations with assigned tables.
  • Tables Editor: Create several areas for each restaurant using a powerful drag-and-drop floor plan builder.
  • Manage Events: In addition to regular schedules, create special events such as Mother’s Day, Christmas Day, or Live Music Day.
  • Multiple Widgets: Manage different widgets for shifts and events for the week or weekends. Alternatively, use a single widget for everything.
  • Export Bookings: Export in CSV format or print the list in PDF.
  • Export Customers: Export in CSV format or print the list in PDF.
  • Email Logo: Add your restaurant logo with a custom header and footer for all emails sent to your customers.
  • Customer Reviews: Request customer reviews after they have finished their experience.
  • Reports: Detailed reports available for bookings, customers, and reviews.

While Alex Restaurants is a relatively new plugin with only a limited number of active downloads, its impressive 5.0/5.0 user rating bodes well for its potential success.