A Guide to Optimize Table Reservations

Published on Sep 8, 2023

Understanding how to effectively manage groups of tables is a valuable tool for optimizing your table reservations. Let's explore how you can streamline your table bookings using our system.

Imagine you have five tables, each designed for two people. However, you don't want these five tables to be reserved exclusively for pairs. You'd prefer to allow just one reservation for two people while keeping the remaining four tables available for different group sizes to maximize occupancy. To illustrate this concept, take a look at the graphic below:

Alex Reservations | Optimize your restaurant tables

Now, let's dive into optimizing your floor plan to achieve precisely that – reserving only one table for two people and allowing the rest to be combined for larger groups.

1. Prepare Your Floor Plan

Begin by creating your table layouts on your floor plan. Tables that can be reserved online are marked in green, while those that cannot are marked in red. Ensure that your designated area is set to green to enable online reservations.

Alex Reservations | Optimize your restaurant tables

2. Enable/Disable Single Tables

Disable all tables except one, which should be set to green mode. This action informs the system that only this specific table can be reserved as a single table.

Alex Reservations | Optimize your restaurant tables

3. Define Your Groups of Tables

Define the desired groups of tables you want to create. It's essential to note that groups (and individual tables) are reserved based on their position in the list. For example, if a reservation for four people is requested, the system will allocate it to the first available group on the list.

Alex Reservations | Optimize your restaurant tables

4. Prepare Your Shift

Configure your shift with the availability type of 'All Tables' or 'Specific Tables.' If you choose 'Specific Tables,' select the tables that can be reserved for that particular shift. Only groups of tables that include all the selected tables will be considered.

Alex Reservations | Optimize your restaurant tables

5. Let the System Work for You

With these settings in place, tables will be assigned based on your configuration. You've allowed only one single table to be reserved, while the rest will be available for bookings only when included within a group.

Alex Reservations | Optimize your restaurant tables

By implementing these steps, you can efficiently manage your table reservations, ensuring that you make the most of your available seating options.

This functionality is accessible starting with version 1.6.3